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Pre / Marital Therapy

Why SHOULD I get Married? Package

  • Pre-marital counseling for couples exploring roles, expectations and vow review

  • Complete compatibility assessments

  • Learn about "The Covenant Keeping Commitment of Marriage"

  • Review specialized FaithWorks Therapy program, "The Foundation of a Healthy Marriage"

Why DID I get Married? Package

  • Marital therapy for couples wanting to improve intimacy and communication skills while strengthening emotional connection

  • Rediscover the roots of & reasons for the relationship

  • Rebuild trust after infidelity through expressing feelings/emotions

  • Work with therapist to practice creating a safe space to share and hear hard truths

  • Review specialized FaithWorks Therapy program, "The Foundation of a Healthy Marriage"

First Dance
Brief Therapy Length: 3-12 months

Processing Parenthood Package

  • Improve Parenting Relationship Skills in Marriage/Relationship

  • Explore Motherhood/Fatherhood 

    • Discussed what hasn’t worked

    • Explore how the current relationship is negatively impacting children & adult children

    • Learn what children/adult children need from their mother/father

    • Sessions with children/adult children to strengthen relationship

    • Court Ordered Parenting Classes Offered

  • Co-parenting Mediation for Divorced/Separated Parents Package

    • Improve communication skills

    • Practice creating a safe space to share hard truths (unload mode/vent sessions)

    • Learn how to work together to raise the child(ren) without conflict

    • "HAVING THE TALK" Session with children discussing future separation/ reason for past separation

      • allow child(ren) to open up about fears, questions

      • ensure child(ren) doesn’t blame themselves for parents not/no longer being together

happy family
Brief Therapy Length: 3-12 months
Therapy with Adoptive Families

Bridging the Gap Package: 

  • For Children of Color in Caucasian homes

  • Exploring, accepting and embracing their differences

  • Safely explore questions of race/similarities and differences

  • Strengthen communication/ connection in new family

  • Explore what it means to keep child connected to own culture

  • Facilitate healthy relationship between adopted child and new family 

  • Process trauma of previous home, family, upbringing

  • Process struggles with desire to live with new family while still missing previous family/culture/life

  • Referral sources to personal care facilities

Mother and Daughter
Brief Therapy Length: 3-12 months
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