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  • Why FaithWorks Therapy?
    Quality Client Centered Treatment Detailed treatment plan/goal for each client/familly created in collaboration with the client/couple. *Avaliable upon request Fast Process From start to finish, the entire process takes less than 5 minutes Convenient Receive therapy from the comfort of your own home or the privacy of your car No more rushing in traffic, finding/paying for parking or late fees! Affordable Cost can be a huge barrier for many individuals and families looking for therapy. With FaithWorks Therapy, each client is offered a sliding fee scale because private pay can at times get expensive. The sliding fee scale is based on the families annual income which is considerately lower for those who have a lower annual income. The current rate for therapy sessions in PA is anywhere from $90-$120 regardless of annual income. FaithWorks Therapy wants everyone to have access regardless of social economic status. Option to discuss Biblical perspective Where other therapeutic agencies refuse to discuss religious/faith-based beliefs, FaithWorks Therapy clients have the option to ask for for scriptural references from the bible and prayer. Of course upon request only!
  • What is the FaithWorks Process to Start Online/TeleTherapy?
    Step 1: Book Free 20-minute Video Consultation (Click "Book Video Consult" Button) Step 2: Therapist sends you video link via the email you provide Step 3: Conduct Video Consultation *Clients love this because they can get started right away!* Get questions answered/Discuss fee Schedule online session (Avaliable Monday-Thursday & Saturdays 10am-9:30pm) Therapist send weekly secured email reminders Step 4: Click link, create new password Step 5: Sign Confidentiality & Consent forms Step 6: Ready for session (Fee due electronically (via credit card or cash app) just before the start of each session.
  • What does a Online/Tele Session look like?
    Each session is 45 minutes via video/virtual or non-video session (audio only). *Computer or phone screen or Just Audio/no visual Session can be both/or psychoeductional and psychotherapeutic. Psychoeducational sessions: providing education/information about relevant topic in session Psychotherapeutic sessions: treatment/talk therapy of mental/emotional/relationship health issue Online/Tele sessions are scheduled weekly/bi-weekly depending on client need and therapist avaliablity. FaithWorks Therapy has what we call rounds/months of therapy and require each familiy and client to complete at least 3 full rounds or months of therapy. After each round/month of therapy, client and therapist discuss progress/ treatment plan goals. Therapist provides Certification of Completion for each family/client after each "round" ie. month of therapy as reward for hard work and dedication!
  • What is the Confidentiality Policy?
    As the law requires, FaithWorks Therapy complies with HIPPA privacy standards. The HIPPA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals' medical records and other personal health information. FaithWorks Therapy utilizes a HIPPA compliant electronic platform, TheraPlatform. Details of Confidentiality can be found in Confidentiality forms sent after first session is booked. Reasons FaithWorks Therapy would need to break confidentiality are as follows: 1. Detailed planning of future suicide attempts 2. Concrete signs of suicidal intent 3. Planned violence toward others 4. Planned future child abuse 5. Formerly committed child abuse 6. A child currently experiencing child abuse 7. A child expecting to experience future child abuse Otherwise, you are free to speak liberally about whatever comes to mind. We do not want you to feel inhibited when crying, using profanity, or verbal aggression during episodes of anger, depression or anxiety.
  • What is the Session Fee/ Method of Payment?
    FaithWorks Therapy offers the following Session Fee options: Individual (Adult/Child/Teen) Sessions 30 MIN- $55 45 MIN- $75 60 MIN- $100 Couple/Pre & Marital (2 people) Sessions 30 MIN- $65 45 MIN- $80 60 MIN- $100 Family (Client + 1 Family Member) 30 MIN- $65 45 MIN- $80 60 MIN- $100 *$5 for each additional family member* Payment Methods FaithWorks Therapy is PRIVATE PAY ONLY and does NOT accept insurance. Only Electronic payments accepted-Credit Card or Cash app
  • How Often/ How Long Does Therapy Last?
    FaithWorks Therapy offers brief therapy which can last no less than 3 months to 12 months depending on client need, severity of symptoms, client commitment and consistency. Sessions are scheduled based on client need and therapist avaliablity (weekly, bi-weekly or 2x per week, no less than 1x a week and no more than 3x per week)
  • What is the Reschedule/Cancellation Policy?
    FaithWorks Therapy offers flexible scheduling to include longer hours of operation during the week as every session is online. FaithWorks Therapy allows clients to reschedule via email, phone call or text at least 24 hours in advance. Anything less than 24 hours, results in clients being billed for $25 no show/late fee which must be paid before the next session. Three (3) consecutive no show/missed/rescheduled appointments within 30 days results in dismissal from the practice. Client/Family may or may not be notified via email of dismissal from FaithWorks Therapy practice.
  • What if I Do/Don't Want to Talk about God/Jesus Christ?
    FaithWorks Therapy encourages clients to process trauma, express feelings and emotions to help reach your treatment plan goals. FaithWorks Therapist Shanae Farquharson is a christian who openly believes in Jesus Christ however, she does not force her religion or faith on to any of her clients. She will only discuss faith-based perspective when clients initiate. Clients/families do have the option to ask for scriptural references from the bible or prayer if they ask/request it.
  • What States does FaithWorks Therapy Serve?
    FaithWorks Therapy continues to grow exponentially! Shanae Farquharson now serves 5 states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Delaware, Texas & New Jersey. We plan to continue to expand the teletherapy practice to the following states in the near future: NY, MD, VA,NH. We are grateful for your future considerations and/or referrals! *Clients must be a resident of PA, GA,DE, NJ & TX and be in the following states at the time of service in order to receive services as of 03.2021
  • What is the "Working on it, Faithfully" Pledge?"
    FaithWorks Therapy strongly encourages each client/family commitment to a minimum of 3 rounds/months of therapy or more. After each round/month of therapy, Client/Family and Therapist will check-in, discuss progress, and/or revise treatment plan goals. As your therapist, I pledge to provide you with the highest quality of care to assist you in reaching your therapeutic goals. I am extremely proud of the clients I support. At the same time, I stress that as a client, you are ultimately responsible for getting the most out of our time together. Therefore, while in therapy with me, I strongly encourage the following: 100% commitment for each round/month of therapy Consistent weekly/bi-weekly online session attendance Honesty Maximum Effort ie. "Working on it, Faithfully" To get the most out of your therapy sessions, I ask that you sign this pledge agreement stating that you are committed to working toward your personal/therapeutic goals, are willing to give maximum effort, and be honest with yourself, significant other and your therapist. If you are not committed to working on it faithfully, FaithWorks Therapy is not for you!!!!!!! If you are, BOOK A Free Video CONSULT NOW!!!
  • Free Gift Mailed at the end of Therapeutic Treatment!
    FaithWorks Therapy encourages working on whatever the "it" is in your life or relationship faithfully, with commitment and dedication. So at the completion of successful therapy, you will receive a Free gift as a congratulations for your hard work! You have the option to accept or decline on the "FaithWorks Therapy Client Exit Survey" taken at the last session at the conclusion of therapy. *Free Gift Mailed at the end of completed treatment by request.*
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