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Treatment Plan

FaithWorks Therapy creates a customized treatment plan specific to your needs. The treatment plan includes 1 long term goal, 1-3 short term goals and objectives on how to achieve them. The treatment plan is created collaboratively with you so that you have a hands-on therapeutic experience.

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Family Genogram

Genogram is a family tree that is used to recognize hereditary patterns over the generations of a family.  FaithWorks family therapist will help you recognize hereditary patterns over the generations of your family. Identifying family patterns helps to identify their connections to the origins of behaviors, life choices, addictions, conflicts in relationships, parenting styles, etc in your life. 


Monthly Certificates of Commitment

Each month you consistently stay committed to therapy, you receive a certificate of commitment. This a way to celebrate your dedication and progress!

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Customized Core Negative Interactional Pattern (CNIP)

FaithWorks Therapist can help clients recognize and deal with the obvious and not-so-obvious patterns in life, such as repeatedly engaging in unsatisfying relationships, or repeatedly communicating with your partner/child in a way that just does not work. Although you may recognize that certain behaviors aren’t working anymore, it may be very hard to change the behavior. These patterns can generate continual feelings of indifference, and can leave someone feeling unsatisfied, or frustrated and hopeless. Coming up with a core negative interactional pattern (CNIP) is one way to delineate where specific change can happen to achieve long term goal.

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Option to Add Family Members

For an additional fee of only $20, you have the option to add any family member willing and wanting to work in therapy with you!


*Available upon request

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