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Strengthen  Communication, Reestablish Trust  & Improve Intimacy

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Have you lost all faith that a situation could get better?

Do you worry that your relationship (ie. with yourself, spouse, or family member) is just not working out?

Would you like to revitalize and refresh your hope in the hard times or when experiencing "The Worst____"seems to overwhelm?

Have you noticed sadness, depression or lack of motivation from your child or teen due to grief, trauma, peer pressures or dramatic life change?

Let's work on it, together with faith because it works.

*Online/TeleTherapy Only

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  • Pre/Marriage/Couples Therapy, a specialized program, "The Foundations of a Healthy Marriage"

  • Adult/Child/Adolescent Trauma Focused Therapy

  • Family Therapy: Parenting & Relationship Skills including Co-Parenting Mediation

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Shanae Farquharson, LMFT

As the Lead Therapist of FaithWorks Therapy, LLC, Shanae Farquharson has a remarkable yet matchless passion to do what she calls "Working on it, faithfully." Mrs. Shanae Farquharson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 6 states: PA, NJ, DE, GA, TX & NV with a MS of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She believes in strengthening weakened family bonds, successfully processing trauma and uplifting the broken-hearted. Mrs. Shanae Farquharson has 8+ years of extensive training and experience practicing as both a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professional Counselor primarily with the adult population. However, her warm, welcoming, and personable disposition puts even the most anxious person at ease. Shanae works well with children & teenagers in a fun yet comfortable way often bridging the gap within parent & child interaction. 


"We all have a story. Here's a little of mine. Raised by a single mother. No silver spoon. Worked hard to become someone I can be proud of and love. Born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in the suburbs, I got the best of both worlds. Experiencing "the struggle" but learning to appreciate it as a motivating factor to help other individuals, couples, children and families who also struggle with stress, trauma, family conflict and so much more. Believe me, I know what it's like to struggle, to stress and to feel stuck or hopeless. It's my personal, professional and academic experience that gives me a well rounded perspective as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In fact, it is my faith in God, my family and advancement in education that helps me to push through, grow and overcome obstacles. It's why I named my practice, FaithWorks because through my journey of doing the work, I discovered that it does! And so can you!"       



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Individual Therapy

Increase self-awareness, self-exploration, identify boundaries, enhance communication skills, improve the use of healthy coping skills

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Family Therapy

Improve troubled relationships, address marital problems, obtain parenting skills (Court-Ordered), "The Foundation of a Healthy Marriage" (Pre / Marital), Adoption

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Adolescent Therapy 

Improve self-image, process peer pressures, feelings of worry, anxiety or depression, discover self, future path and career plans

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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in 6 states: PA, GA, DE, TX, NJ, NV

Certified Parenting Instructor

Certified Telehealth Professional 

Certified by Psychology Today


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*Full Identity withheld to protect confidentiality


"Shanae is an amazing therapist. She conducts her practice professionally & always keeps her clients in mind even outside of the sessions. I recommend her to everyone I come into contact with and will continue to do so."

C. P. ~Client Google Review


"FaithWorks Counseling is everything I needed and more. Shanae does great work, she’s a true professional, resourceful and caring. If you’re looking for a therapist who will hold a mirror up to your life and help you breakdown your own reflection, I highly recommend you consider FaithWorks!"

E.W. ~Client Google Review


"Honestly needed this and didn’t know I even needed it. Definitely eye openings about myself and healing. Glad I took this step to better myself and know who I am even more, through trials and tribulations, I definitely get the guidance I need to keep pushing through. Definitely highly recommended!!"

D.B. ~Client Google Review

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